Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Projects~

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

We spent the weekend working on a few home projects.  If you read my last post, you know we spent a great deal of it shredding paper.  We actually have 3 huge trash bags full.  It is such a good feeling to clear out all that excess paper clutter.

Hubby installed a new toy (not really a toy, but for a guy who loves to cook and is constantly washing his hands between prepping different ingredients, it's a fun gadget).

We had an oil rubbed bronze faucet in our kitchen.  We were NOT happy with the way the finish was holding up to daily use (water, soap, etc).  In fact, the drain/strainers didn't have much bronze left on them.  We are slowly changing things over to stainless steel (most of our appliances are currently white-our home is 20 years old and that was the norm back then and even until recent years).

We chose the new Delta touch faucet, and couldn't be happier.  Love the hands free feature, no touching the handle with hands that have been working with raw meat, eggs and such. Just a touch of the elbow will do.

And, I love the way it looks.

The not so fun part of changing out the faucet.  I am blessed to have a hubby whose dad was a plumber by trade, so he can do all the work himself.  Let me tell ya, dismantling and reinstalling the garbage disposal is a bear!


And, another project I started and hope to share by week's end... (personally, I think I got the better end of the deal this weekend).

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Chalkboard wall? We have the same faucet:)

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Oh you have been busy. I LOVE getting rid of all that paper clutter. Makes you wonder why we keep so much of it! The new faucet is beautiful. It's the little things!! :) Are you doing a chalkboard wall?!!? I'm trying to guess...I'm just anxious to see what you do!

Val said...

It looks fabulous.

Michelle said...

Nice job!! Very sleek design!! :) We replaced our kitchen faucet with an ORB by Moen. I had a stainless sink and chrome faucet. Sink was switched out too. We had to revamp all the plumbing as the new sink is deeper and one side is bigger than the other. So, I know the headache of messing with plumbing. My hubby is really handy with that stuff too. Plumbing, electrical. We do most everything ourselves. This last year it has been windows, laundry tub (when there wasn't one to begin with) in the laundry room and we installed a sprinkler system. Saved a boatload by doing it ourselves.

Katie said...

i love it!! i want a faucet like that!

Leslie said...

Looks like a chalkboard? :) Your faucet is perfect.. these things make such a difference in our daily living. I hope you enjoy it :)