Monday, January 14, 2013

The Unexpected~

Well, let's just say...when we dropped baby girl off at the airport last Monday, we knew we would not be seeing her until sometime in February.  We had had a wonderful Christmas break with she and her sister, and it was time for her to head back to the university.

Then...Tuesday rolled around.

Baby Girl flew back to the university a week early to participate in Rush Week.  They rush 2nd semester.  I received a text Tuesday evening letting me know how the 1st day had gone. Oh, and informing me that "most" moms attend Bid-Day for support.  What??? (she is in school 12 hours away). "Mom, don't feel obligated, we live 12 hours away"...

This mom has been at EVERYTHING that ever meant ANYTHING to both of my girls during their lifetime.  I was not going to miss this for anything.

So, I dropped everything (hubby, house still in disarray from the holidays, laundry, the dogs, you name it), and hopped on a flight Friday morning.

And, I am so thankful I did and God provided for me to do so.

I had the best time hanging out with her while awaiting the results, meeting other anxious girls and moms.

In the end, she received a bid to her 1st choice, and it was the perfect fit!  And, I will never forget the smile on her face.

So, for this mom, who has NEVER flown/traveled alone (rented a car, driven in a strange town by herself, stayed in a hotel alone) it was SO WORTH IT!!  While I was there for her, I too also got over my fear of doing things "alone".

All it took was giving things over to God, knowing I really wasn't going it alone, nor was she!

I hope to be back on a regular blogging schedule this week.


Karen Albert said...

Good for you and your daughter Lauren!! I am so proud of you!You are the best Mom!

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Michaela said...

How sweet!! I'm sure she loved having you there :))

Leslie said...

Lauren, this is such a sweet post and one I can relate to. Isn't it amazing what our kids teach us ..and how we too grow even when they are long adults? So glad that she got First CHOICE and that you were there when she needed you;)


Shannon Nembach said...

It's so nice you could drop everything and be there for her. I'm sure she was grateful you were there.

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

Good for you! What a fun time with your daughter! :)

And Amen to the quote - I'm pinning that one!