Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's for Dinner Wednesday & Life Lately~

I am still here. Thanks to those who sent me sweet notes checking up on me.

How can it be March already?  However, today's temps made it seem like we had jumped from winter right into late spring.  I will take this gorgeous 70 degree weather any day.

This past weekend we made our last trip to Baylor prior to #2 graduating in May.  Man that was hard to baby will be a college grad in just a couple months.  Didn't we just drop her off for her first semester?????

I know it is said all the time, but mommas, they really DO grow up fast!! Enjoy every minute of time you have with them. And, take it from me...the dishes and laundry can wait.  All too soon, there are no dishes to pick up and wash, no uniforms that need to be laundered ASAP, and their rooms will be all too clean!!

We went to Baylor to attend SING.  I am always amazed by the talent of these young people.  Think GLEE and Broadway.  They put on some spectacular performances. And, the amount of hours they put into practicing on top of their already heavy course loads and work schedules, is unbelievable.

We were thrilled that #1 got to join us for the weekend, and spend some time with her sister as well.

Made up for the performance.  Their theme was "Beneath the Floorboards", down in the basement where nobody goes, notes from an eerie music box beckon you to a land of discarded and forgotten toys who are desperately wanting company. She was one of the ballerinas.

With her big sis.

With hubby and I. Here you get a better look at her entire costume.

We also attended the Baylor Men's Basketball game against West Virginia.  Sic 'em Bears!!

The girls also found our family brick that #2 gifted her dad for Christmas this year.  It is on the pedestrian walkway going toward the fabulous new McLane stadium.  

The warmer temps lately have prompted us to fire up the grill for our dinners.  Nothing fancy, but for me personally everything tastes better grilled!

Herbed Chicken with Veggies (squash, zucchini, red pepper and onion)

And, marinated Flank Steak with Roasted Baby Potatoes.

We plan to grill out again tonight as we are expecting the temps to fall again tomorrow.  Enjoy it while it lasts!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Many of you will recall my asking for prayer for Jennifer's (Beaufortbelle) sweet daughter Brooke. Brooke's journey of battling Hodgkins Lymphoma started back in September of 2014.  At a time when she should have been doing what every recent college grad hopes and plans to do, interview and get their first "real" job.

Instead, she found herself in the midst of the most intense battle of her life to date. And, coming to terms with the word CANCER.  Being stuck with needles-too many times to recall, receiving her port to make treatments easier (well, less invasive...let's be truthful here...nothing about CANCER nor its treatments is easy), rounds of CHEMO, hospitalizations (which included extended stays in the E.R. because there were no rooms available), set backs due to illness from a weakened immune system in the midst of flu season, followed by radiation.

During Brooke's most recent hospital stay, she had a visit from a sweet therapy dog.

Throughout this entire process, Brooke showed more poise and grace than anyone I know.  She continued to smile, to "worry" about others, and give of herself when she could.  That is just Brooke. Kind, Caring, Gracious, Compassionate, Giving.  Believe you me, it can all be verified by reading the comments her friends left on her Caring Bridge site.

On January 21st of this year, Brooke was able to announce to the world and all those who had been praying for her that she was indeed in REMISSION! Praise God.

That did not mean difficult days were over.  One more hospitalization and radiation treatments were in order.

Again, Brooke showed grace and courage through it all.

Outside the Duke Cancer Center after her last treatment.

Attending the Duke/UNC game to celebrate!!

I know you are all probably wondering where I am going with all this.  I will tell you...

Brooke will be participating in RELAY for LIFE in April.  She will walk with her friends and fellow supporters from her Alma Mater, Wingate University.

Brooke is currently raising money for the event.

Let's face it.  Unfortunately, we all know someone who has been affected by CANCER.  I personally long for the day I never have to hear that word uttered to anyone ever again!!!

And, while we feel helpless most of the time there is something we CAN do...and that is give.  Give so that more research can be done, better screenings developed, more advanced treatments, and finally and the most important reason of all is a CURE!!

I am including a link to Brooke's Relay for Life page.  Give if you feel led to.  If not for Brooke, than give in honor or memory of someone else you do personally know.  As I mentioned earlier, we all have been touched in some way by CANCER.

Brooke's Bag N Cancer Page

Thank you and God Bless!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Yummy Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts~

Y'all, I have been craving doughnuts for the past couple weeks.  Ever since going gluten free a year and a half ago, I have yet to find a yummy fresh doughnut.  The frozen ones just don't cut it.  So, when hubby stumbled upon this recipe by my favorite cook, Ina Garten~Barefoot Contessa, I knew we had to give it a try.

And, it could not have been easier to convert to gluten free.  All we had to do was sub regular flour for our gluten free all-purpose flour!

The recipe is very simple, and made with ingredients that we normally have on hand.  In a matter of 30 minutes we had fresh, hot, super scrumptious donuts.

Butter, cinnamon and sugar...what's not to like?????

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