Sunday, August 3, 2014


This one goes out to my oldest daughter, Elie.  As some of you know, she switched careers last summer and became a teacher.  She will start a new school year tomorrow with her OWN classroom (she team taught last year while earning her teaching certificate).

We love you and are so proud of you!  And yes, you are already making a difference!

And, to those of you who teach as well...THANK YOU!


Melissa Fitch said...

School starts for us tomorrow, too. Thanks for the pep talk :). And good luck to Elie. Hope she has a wonderful year!

Karena Albert said...

Bravo elie she will be a terrific teacher, one who makes a difference in the childrens' lives!

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Allison said...

I applaud your daughter! A big day tomorrow for Elie! Wishing her a fabulous first day and school year. My father taught for 48 years. I have a huge amount of respect for teachers! Happy Sunday Lauren.

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Congrats to your daughter...what an exciting day!

Gypsy Heart said...

I applaud Elie too! Teachers are so important and I personally believe they do not receive the respect or pay that is due them. She will be awesome!


Elie said...

Thank you Mommy :) and to think my admins thought it would be a good idea to give me my own classroom... they were drinking some crazy juice lol ... JUST KIDDING, super excited for this opportunity!


Ron said...

Good luck, Ellie! We start next week, and my stomach is churning already! xo

{Hi Sugarplum!} said...

I could sit on that porch all afternoon!! Looks great!