Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops with Chili Butter

Yes, I am still here.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have become intimate with window replacement specialists.  No joke!

We are at that point in our home's life span that we are in desperate need of replacement windows.  This is what I call "a not fun project".  Kitchen remodeling, new drapes, new accessories...all fun.  Windows, not so much.

Vinyl, aluminum clad, pvc, wood (not again)...have become  household words lately.  Bleck...

Slowly but surely, we are narrowing down our options.  I am ready to move on to the exterior paint colors...FUN in my book!!!

I have truly kept hubby entertained throughout imitating our sales people!  To the point we were held hostage in our car in the Home Depot parking lot to AVOID said salesperson who was on his way out to his car.

We park, hubby is about to get out of the car when I spot "sleazy, I have no idea what I am talking about, salesperson" coming out of the store..."GET BACK IN, NOW!"  Hubby, "huh????" Me, "DO WHAT I SAID!" LOL  Me trying to avoid another 3 hours convo with said salesperson learning more than I want to know about his daughter, mother, aunt, uncle...dead grandparents (ok, maybe not, but you get my point).

Ok, you came for the yummy scallop recipe...

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops with Chili Butter Sauce


2 pounds Large Scallops
1/2 pounds Bacon, Cut Into Thirds or Halves
1 stick Butter
2 teaspoons Chili Powder
Dash of Cayenne


Wrap bacon pieces around the outside of the scallops, then attach with a wooden skewer.

Cook in a 425 degree oven (on a drip pan) for 20 minutes, or until bacon is sizzling and brown


Cook under the broiler for 15 minutes, or until bacon is sizzling and brown


Grill until bacon is sizzling and brown.

Melt butter and stir in chili powder and cayenne.  Drizzle over scallops before serving.

Can't be any simpler.  We served it with spinach wilted in garlic butter. Perfect compliment.



Karena Albert said...

I agree Lauren , window replacement, big investment, little fun!

This recipe sounds so delish I can't wait to make it!

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NanaDiana said...

That sounds REALLY, REALLY good and EASY, Lauren! xo Diana

Katie Clooney said...

Oh Lauren... I hear you. Windows are so darn expensive and no fun. Kind of like dry cleaning on a smaller level.necessary but costly!!! Love your recipe... Looks so darn good!!! Hope your beautiful girls are doing well.

Barrett said...

Sooooooo……we shop at the same Home Depot??? There is this one certain salesman I avoid. I have been trying to pick out carpet to be bound as a rug for my bedroom for several months and this man is always there and I have yet to order it because of him being there. He creeps me out.

We love scallops and these look great!

Mike @TheIronYou said...

Hahaha Lauren your encounter with the sleazy salesperson cracked me up! :D
And I'm so gonna copy that chili butter sauce, it has my name written all over it.

Leslie said...

So funny about those sales people Lauren:) I can just imagine!

Your bacon wrapped scallops look so good! (anything wrapped in bacon is delicious;)

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

We had a new roof last year - same thing - I would have loved that money for my master bath!

lindley said...

Oh this looks delicious!! Where do you buy your scallops? Just wondering what options you have there. Hope the fun part of your window adventure comes soon! :)

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Yum, yum! These look so good!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Lauren that is too funny about the sleazy salesman! Ha! Your scallop recipe sounds sooooooo good. I'll definitely pin these to try soon!

Linda P said...

Window replacements can be costly. Having fun is better....Your scallops look so good, especially with bacon. xo

Chic Coastal Living said...

Oh my this looks delish! Anything with bacon it is good!

Jamie said...

We need new windows but we don't NEED new windows yet. I'm not looking forward to spending that money!