Monday, July 29, 2013

Beauty-full Mondays

Okay, 4th and final installment... a random combo...

Relaxation and Teeth: sweet hubby purchased this set for me at Christmas time.  The lavender scent is very relaxing.  If you are like me, hormonal and lacking sleep, I highly recommend them!!

Tom's  Botanically Bright Whitening Toothpaste and Wicked Fresh Mouth Wash.  Again, I don't like a like putting a lot of random chemicals that I cannot pronounce in my body.  I love Tom's products.  And, apparently their line of dental care likes me too (sorry Dr. B, but this girl has been cavity/dental work free for several years now...thanks Tom's and Oral B)  I love their mouthwash in particular...clean tasting...not "I'm going to barf, tastes like something out of my parents liquor cabinet when I was 13 (not that I would know anything about that).

***Again, I have not been compensated in anyway by these companies.  I just love their products!

***Update-the Sleep products can be found at Bath and Body Works, they also carry a Stress line that my youngest who suffers from migraines loves!  Tom's products can be found at most natural health stores-however we purchase ours from Target and Whole Foods.


Suburban Charm said...

Lauren...where do you find the "sleep" products...I am getting them TODAY. They sound wonderful!!!

Karen Albert said...

Hi Lauren,
That was my question about the site to find the Sleep Products!

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Laura said...

Yes! Where can we find these products? Thanks for posting about them.

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

I love Toms as well! They now have a "kids" formula too! My 6 year old used the Tom's Wicked Cool. He loves brushing his teeth with it!

Have a nice week!

Meg {henninglove} said...

my aunt and uncle who are very health conscious always liked tom's of maine and i tried their deodorant once, i was impressed!

Leslie said...

I like the Toms Lauren but haven't tried the other products. I am definitely hormonal and could use all the help I can get when I comes to sleep:) I'll try this!

Katie Clooney said...

Will definitely try all of this. By the way, got my new "beauty secrets" from Trader Joe's...Love them so far.