Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dog Demands An Explanation!


UMM...okay, how to explain this to a 3 (almost 4) year old Cairn Terrier.  Well, it goes something like this.  There is this Robin (name unknown).  He's been coming around a lot lately (going on week straight now).  Apparently he is either A)really into himself, B)trying to impress a girlfriend-or what he thinks is a girlfriend, or C)is totally delusional!

We'll go with B!  (Although A and C are good choices too)

It started last week, picture is around 7 in the morning (maybe a bit earlier), hubs and I are sound asleep.  We both hear a strange noise.  It gets louder, more persistant.  Hubs blames the dog (she has been known to make a racket in her crate with her bowl or water bottle). Personally, she's never that loud!  So, hubs says, "go see what she is doing".  Ok.  I creep down the stairs, get to the bottom and realize the noise has gotten louder and it is NOT the dog!!!  I could tell it was coming from one of two rooms...our library is immediately to the left at the bottom of the staircase and the dining room is just off the library.  While I didn't think it was a person okay maybe for just a second, I did think another animal might have possibly gotten in the house.  (this brought back really bad memories of the time a bat got stuck between the window and the window screen at my parents house when I was younger, ewww!!! Who knew bats were soooo ugly???  I always pictured the cute ones from Halloween!)  

Okay, so now what to do...hubs is upstairs...should I call out to him, what if that startles whatever it is and it comes after me...ummm...ok, right about the time I called out to him, something in my brain said..."it's a bird!"  More bad memories from childhood-they flew into our sliding glass doors to our patio quite often, especially if mom had just cleaned the glass.

Long story short, Mr. Robin has been visiting us daily starting at the crack of dawn and then comes and goes all day long.  Our windows are tinted so he sees himself (or his future girlfriend...told you he might be delusional).  He is either trying to defend his territory from another male or impress his new girlfriend. 

We tried making noise, we tried the flashlight (only deterred him for a minute).  The windows are hard to reach from the outside, so taping something up to distract him is a pain (would do it from the inside but the windows are stuck due to humidity and the last bad paint job).

So, we recruited the help of Kylee's scary friends...

Mr. Mouse (depending on which side-he's an elephant on the other, don't ask!)
Mr. Pig
Mr. Rooster
Santa's Elf
and last but not least, Mr. Zebra

Hey, guess what?  So far so good, maybe I should say that a bit quieter so as not to jinx us, so far so good!!!

Will update tomorrow, around 7 am...should he wake us!


Marisa B said...

Good luck with that Robin; hope it works. Keep us posted!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh wow! I'm glad it was just Mr. Robin! I would have sent hubby to check it out while I hid under the bed! I hope the doggie toys do the job! We have floor to ceiling windows at our lakehouse and we had a duck crash into them. Not pretty!

Good luck!


Katie Clooney said...

This is so funny!!! I love the picture! Keep us posted.

Brandi said...

As much as I love waking up to the birds chirping I can imagine hearing the robin at the crack of dawn could be annoying. I hope your trick works!!