Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prayers for West, Texas~

While services are being held this morning in Boston to remember those precious lives lost in the Boston Marathon tragedy, we are glued once again to the tv...this time the small town of West, Texas.

Both hit a little close to home.  While we are a Georgia family, at one time my husband worked for a company whose home office was on Boylston Street in Boston, a block if that from the events of the other day.  He still has many friends who work there.  And as most of you know, Waco, Texas (20 minutes from West, Texas) has become our second home since our youngest started attending Baylor University this past fall.  And, the wonderful staff at Hillcrest Baptist Hosptial, where a lot of the victims are being treated,  have taken great care of her twice, most recently last week!

Please continue to keep all in your prayers.  And, remember to hug your loved ones!!


Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Currently watching the news on this tragic event in Texas...sending prayers to all that were affected in both tragedies.

Katie said...

what a rough and sad week last week with all those terrible things! definitely lots of prayers for those affected.