Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charleston Inspired Meal

I mentioned in my post yesterday, that while we were in Charleston we ate at the Charleston Grill. There was an item on the menu that caught our attention, but the portion size kept either of us from ordering.  While we both love a good steak, a 22oz ribeye was a bit much!  However, the young man sitting at a table across from us had no problem eating the entire thing.  He was in is 20s, a growing "boy", who  could blame him!!

Here is the description from their menu:

22 oz Prime Ribeye
King Oyster Mushrooms, Salsa Verde

As I mentioned, we both love a good steak.  I love mushrooms, hubby does not (he calls them fungus and doesn't understand why anyone would eat them).  It was the salsa verde that got our attention.  We would have never thought of pairing it with a good steak.  A good Mexican dish-yes, a 22oz steak-no.

We decided to create our own version after we came home.  Yes, we omitted the mushrooms.  Hubby seasoned the steaks with salt and pepper,  and placed them on the grill.  Before removing them from the grill he topped them with a bit of the salsa verde.  We added a bit more once plated.  We opted for some fresh yellow squash, seasoned with Trader Joes 21 Seasoning Salute (awesome on veggies) as a side.  The two went perfectly together.

The verdict...Salsa Verde paired with a nice juicy ribeye was delicious!

See for yourself...


Anne said...

It looks delicious! My lads love steak:)

Budget Design Girl said...

Looks DELISH!! I love that 21 Seasoning Salute! I use it on everything!!


Brandi said...

I love steak too. Medium well for me. Your dish looks delicious!

Leslie said...

Yum! Love a juicy steak and the sauce sounds dellishhhh!!!

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Yummmm this looks delicious! There is not much better than a well made steak! Oh and hope you've had a Happy Birthday!

Melissah said...

That looks totally delicious - you are making me hungry!
I just signed up as your latest follower & I look forward to popping back soon for some more yummy inspiration!

Melissah from coastal Style