Thursday, June 9, 2011

Savannah-the shops~

Final!  My favorite.  My dear friend grew up in Savannah, and gave me a few recommendations...but for the most part, we just stopped in those that peaked our interest while out walking around town.

We had a wonderful time in Savannah!  Hope you all enjoyed the tour.


Michaela said...

How fun! Shopping is my favorite, too (: I'd love to visit Savannah!

Maillardville Manor said...

Loved it! I so want to visit Savannah, My newest little cousin (born last week) her name is Savannah! Very sweet!

Brandi said...

hi Lauren, sounds like you had such a nice time in Savannah! i can't believe after living in Georgia for so many years i haven't made it down there yet. I've been through there on the way to St. Simmons, but that's about it. after looking through your pics, i see a trip to Savannah in the near future. thanks so much for sharing.