Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Got Junk?

Well...we found out we have plenty, or I should say "had"...thanks to our wonderful crew from 1-800 Got Junk.

Yes, I know...I promised pictures of my new Office, then pictures of our Master and Master Bath ...well, once again being a MOM to one (well two really) fabulous daughter got in the way.

Where to begin?  The beginning maybe?  We purchased our home June 1, 1993.  Our oldest, and only at the time, was 2 1/2.  Since then we have added another daughter, and a few more animals.  Add A LOT of DIY projects and you have our basement...full of stuff junk.  While at one point in time the junk was organized, yes I had organized junk.  It no longer was, and was grating on my last nerve.

Our youngest has begged for us to clear it out, so she could set up shop, and invite her friends to hang out for movie nights.  We do have a TV room upstairs, but hardly the spot for 15 or more teens.  Well, as I have mentioned...she is in NYC (Brooklyn) for a Mission Trip with the youth choir from church. convinced begged pleaded twisted daddy's arm to finally get it done.  She will be a senior in high school this fall afterall, it's now or nevah. I think the biggest motivating factor was that child's bright smile despite the year she'd just had.  As most of you know, she has suffered from severe migraine headaches for a couple years now that had progressively gottten worse.  A lot of doctors visits, MRIs (to be sure the benign cyst she has on her brain had not grown as 1st suspected), medications (some that worked, some not so much), missed school (25 days to be exact, not counting days she went in late or left early), days spent in bed, the trial and error with her diet and sleep patterns, and the stresss that went with it all (making it worse).

I tell you all of this because despite ALL of IT...she still smiles, made Honor Roll, Scholar Athlete, coached a 12 year club team to a tournament win and 10th place finish in the region, and is taking time out of her summer to be an example to others.  She is also back playing her favorite sport, Volleyball.  She never missed a beat.  We are so so proud of her.

So, while I have no pictures of the office nor our master to share  I will share these...and we are praying we get most of it done by Friday night when she returns.  Until then, I am taking a blogging break because this is one project this momma is determined to make happen.

The remains of DIY and old cabinets!

A closer look!

My Heros!!!


emily said...

Oh wow -- what a wonderful surprise for such a special girl! She will be thrilled! Can't wait to see how it turns out (and to hear about her excitement). Such a sweet idea!

Tiffany said...

AWW! I share her pain regarding the migraines. I have had them for 12 years. I actually missed most of my Fathers Day celebration with my dad on Sunday due to a migraine- so I know how it is. So I am extra proud that she has achieved so much despite them!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Amazing. You always inspire me with how dedicated you are to your sweet children.

Kara {A Little Bit of Lovely} said...

Awww, what a sweet, sweet surprise for your daughter! She is very lucky to have parents like you and your husband. Hope she has a relaxing summer and the headaches get better, amazing everything she has accomplished despite them! xo

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a great mom you are!! I'm so sorry to read about your daughter's struggles, but I hope she finds a ton of joy from her new hangout. Thanks for the visit!