Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home~

She is finally home...more than 2+ hours late.  She had the best time in the Big City.  She talked nonstop the whole way home from the rail station.  Her big sis came home to surprise her as well.

A week in the city, singing, doing community service work, ministering...and she is ready to go back already!  We are so thankful...not ONE minor headache the entire time!!!  Such a blessing.  We are praying she has turned a  corner where her migraines are concerned.

We couldn't wait to show her what we've done so far in the basement...she didn't suspect a thing.  Her sister said, "oh, you should see the brick wall".  Big sisters are not the best at keeping secrets from younger sisters.  LOL  I gave her the look (she doesn't have a clue)...oops!

So, with eyes closed we led her downstairs...

Wish I had a pic of "her" reaction, but since big sis already had her heading downstairs to check things out there was not time to grab the camera!

She was shocked!  And, very excited.  Neither one could believe mom painted a "brick wall" in under an hour.  Yesiree...I did.  Of course my oldest said, "love it mom, but not sure I want you to paint my apartment."  LOL 

I am so happy she loves it.  We still have a ways to go, but like I told a week's time it'll be ready for friends, but by her birthday in September it will be really cool! 

Oh...and she and her beau made it official while in NYC...he's the cutie patootie she went to prom with!!  Such a cute couple.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  We will be installing the flooring in the workroom/craftroom while the princess sleeps in.   She's never had to share a room with 3 girls before! LOL

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emily said...

How very exciting! Glad she is home and sounds like she had a wonderful trip!