Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dish It Up Sunday~

For today's menu, we are serving up another "Dirty Bird" recipe...

Atlanta Falcon's Style!


The Atlanta Falcons
The New England Patriots


1. Tune in to the pre-game show at 11:00 am on Fox TV.
2. Prepare game day munchies 11:00 am-5:30 pm. Don't forget to pick up the chicken wings!!
3. Grab a plate and refill your drinks (admit it, you've already started ;-) and claim your spot in front of the big screen tv by 6:00 pm.
4.  6:30 pm Kick Off
5.  Prepare to spend the next 3 hours and 12 minutes cheering on your favorite team, throwing things at the TV, wishing you could strangle a ref or two...and praying that this year brings no wardrobe malfunctions during the half time show!
6. Pray your team won or you'll be hearing about it for the next 12 months!!

Have a fun filled day friends!!


Beaufort Belle said...

Also praying for no political rant from Lady Gaga during the half time show! Go Falcons!

Melissa said...

So cute!! Cheering for the Falcons here, too! We still claim Freeney as our own and are hoping to see him sac Brady a few times! Hope you're having a terrific weekend!