Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's for Dinner Wednesday~

My daughter found this recipe for Black Bean Jalapeno Poppers while searching pinterest, and while it is meant to be an appetizer we halved the recipe and served it alongside chicken breasts sprinkled with Denny Mike's Chick Magnet seasoning blend (found at Whole Foods).

They were super easy to make and were quite delicious.  Great for an appetizer or side dish. And, much healthier than the traditionally fried version.

The recipe can be found here.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Reflections for the Impending School Year~

In no particular order...

Spend them wisely!

Love this quote from Winnie the Pooh.


and AMEN!!!

And, all the teachers say AMEN!!!

Mom's of teenagers can relate!

Ain't that the truth.

More truth.

By the grace of God!

Hang in there all you first timers!!

Remember to pray for your children's teachers, they often spend more time with your child on a daily basis than you do!

While I am now a mom of a high school teacher and one starting graduate school in just a few weeks, I sooooo remember those first day jitters.  My prayer is that you and your child will have a great start to the new school year.  Hard to believe it is just a week away for some in our home state of Georgia!!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Thanking our Heavenly Father that He was indeed with our oldest daughter 3 weeks ago.  I want to thank you all for your heartfelt prayers and concern after her horrific car accident.  God was surely watching over our baby girl that night, as her truck (a Hummer) was a mangled mess, yet she was able to walk away on her own accord.  She is on the mend, and we thank Him every day for surrounding her with angels both here on earth and in Heaven that evening.  Those who risked their own lives on that dark stretch of highway that night to make sure she was okay and brought to safety we will forever be grateful to.

Just a reminder to hug those you cherish and tell them you love them!  She had just left our house after spending the evening with us, and was headed home to her apartment.  We never thought we would receive "that" phone call.  Our days are not guaranteed here on earth, spend them wisely.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Dorm Room Essentials~

Hi everyone! did it get to be July already???  

I thought it would be fitting to share this list we created when our youngest left for college 3 years ago, as many of you are preparing to send your children off to college in the next couple months.  We have shared this many times with friends and family.  

This list is for a college student living in a dorm room with just a mini fridge/microwave combo and sink in the room, community bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry facilities.  It can be adjusted for apartment/suite style living as well (more pots and pans, kitchen, living room and bath items).

Dorm Room Essentials


Comforter or Duvet & Insert
2 Sets of Sheets
Mattress Cover & Pad
Mattress Topper (for extra comfort)
Throw Blanket
Decorative Pillows


2 Sets of Towels/Washcloths/Hair Wrap
2 Towel Wraps
Flip Flops
Shower Caddy


Set of plastic plates/bowls/cups/utensils (2 each, microwave safe)
Water Bottle(s)/Tervis Tumblers (lids/straws)
Ice Cream Scoop
Small Dish Drainer (optional)
2 Dish Towels

Optional Food/Beverage:

Paper products (plates, bowls, napkins)
Disposable utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
Ziploc Bags/Plastic Storage Containers (snacks/leftovers)
Small Paring Knife (cutting up fruit), small cutting board
3 Drawer Storage Cart
Brita filtered water pitcher 


Computer Cables (long Ethernet)
Printer/Extra Cartridges
Printer Paper
Backup Hard Drive
Copies of Software
Tray for Desk Drawer-for pens/pencils/etc.
Pens/Pencils/Markers/Dry Erase Markers/Hi-lighters
Notebook Paper/Spiral Notebooks
Scotch Tape
Paper Clips
Push Pins
Post It Notes
Bulletin Board/Dry Erase Board
Desk Lamp (optional)

Sink Area:

Drawers for Storage (makeup/hairdryer/hygiene products/etc)
Hooks or Bar for Towels, freestanding washcloth holder (optional)
Toothbrush Holder
Dixie Cup Holder/Cups
Caddy for Hair Accessories (hair ties, bobby pins, clips, hair ribbon, etc)
Soap Dispenser
Tissue Holder (optional)
Bath Mat or Throw Rug


TV and cables
Plug In Phone (in case of emergency)
Cell Phones/chargers/longer charging cables
Alarm Clock/iHome

Emergency Kit:

Flash Light
Batteries (variety)
Small Sewing Kit/Hem Tape

First Aid Kit:

Band-Aids (variety)
Benadryl (clear)
Cold/Allergy  Medicine (of choice)
Cortizone Cream (or similar for rashes/bug bites)

Nail Kit:
Files, clippers, nail polish/remover, cotton pads


Basket/Bag/Drying Rack
Supplies (detergent/softener-if used/stain remover)
Ironing Board/Small Iron


Vaccum/Mop (optional)
Microfiber Cloths (for dusting)
All purpose spray cleaner/glass cleaner
Paper Towels
Trash Cans (by desk/food/sink?)


Devotional Book
Family Pictures
Art for Walls
S hooks for hanging photos/art/etc.
White Sticky Tac/Command Adhesive Strips
Area Rugs
Underbed Storage Boxes
Double Hanging Rod for closet or storage closet
Dividers for dresser drawers
Clothes Hangers
Jewelry Holder
Shoe Storage


Target, Wal-mart, The Container Store, and Bed, Bath and Beyond are all wonderful stores that cater to the college students this time of year.  Bed, Bath and Beyond even allows you to shop your hometown store, place an order, and then you can pick up at the location closest to your University.  Great for those attending school far from home.

*** I also wanted to take a minute to thank my sweet readers and IG followers for their heartfelt concern and prayers after our oldest daughter's horrific car accident just two weeks ago.  Her survival was nothing short of a miracle, and God's protection (and the fact that she was driving a Hummer)!!  The truck was totaled but she is on the mend, with only a few bruises left on her left ankle to show for the accident. 

Just a reminder to cherish everyday with those you love.  She had just spent the afternoon and evening with us, and was on her way home to her apartment.  We thank God for sparing her life every day!!  

Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th of July weekend.