Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What's that you ask?

That would be our pollen count today!  Top picture: a tray on our back porch. Bottom picture: the top of our outdoor bar by our pond.

While we are experiencing beautiful, sunny, 80 degree days...we really can't enjoy them much.  Everything is YELLOW!  I mean, seriously, it looked like it had snowed here this morning, just yellow (and we all know, no matter what, yellow snow is no good! LOL).

Even those who don't have seasonal allergies are suffering this year. 

The upside to the first day of spring???

Hostas are coming up near our pond, we have an overabundance of parsley, and by the looks of the number of blooms, we are going to have a ton of blueberries to pick in just a couple months!!

Since I can't really enjoy being outdoors, I have been busy spring cleaning and rearranging our family room!  Hope to post some pictures later this week.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

P.S. Quality thoughts for Tuesday will return next week!


Anne said...

The weather is really gone crazy this year! Looking forward to seeing the house photos :)

Katie said...

i can't believe how warm it has been! thankfully i don't have allergies but what i am not happy about it that we had to turn our air on the other night! it was 79 degrees in our house!

Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Gorgeous Spring photos, but that pollen would kill me too! Can't wait to see your family room photos! Have a great day!