Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday~

Hello sweet friends!  While my posts were a bit sporadic the past 6 months, my hope is to post more often now that the holidays are over and we have settled nicely into a routine here at home (for those that do not know, we are no longer empty nesters as baby girl is living at home during her externships and we'll have a surprise next month to share with you, not what you are all thinking).  With that said, I will always stay true to my philosophy of when I have time (time that doesn't take away from my family or my duties to said family), blog when I feel I have something relevant to share, or when God has placed something on my heart.  No apologies.

With the New Year, often comes resolutions.  Not a fan!  Make a list, maybe start working on said list? Only to discard it within a couple weeks, and then feel guilty as all get out. Ummm, no thank you!  For several years I chose a word.  Some years the same word as I still needed to work on said word.  This year I have decided to approach things differently. After reading this question:

Deep right?!!!  What we choose to say and do today effects our every tomorrow.  WOW!  My sweet Core Leader for Bible study and I had this very discussion today.  What do we need to let go of maybe?  What do we need to spend more time doing?  What do we need to quit entirely?

Something to think about.


Tanya said...

I love your blogging philosophy! I was looking over my blog posts from last year, and I think I posted a lot of things that I wasn't really inspired about in order to have several posts each week. This year, I'm focusing more on only posting when I feel like it, kind of getting back to the basics from when I started blogging many years ago. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Billie Jo said...

Love your thoughts here!
And am happy to hear your baby is home with you for a time. : )
Looking forward to sharing the new year with you!

NanaDiana said...

Great thoughts and a perfect answer to "when to blog" for you. For the first time ever I chose a word. Last year was a year in limbo for me when I felt I got NOTHING done--so this year I am focusing on ACCOMPLISH---to actually DO something.
Can't wait to hear your announcement. When are you due? bwahahahhaha xo Diana

Beaufort Belle said...

Best blogging philosophy I've heard!! I may can follow that and get blogging again.

Leslie Harris said...

I totally love your blogging philosophy Lauren. I just posted my second one of the year after planning on blogging more regularly in 2017. I think we need to stop judging ourselves, I know I do. Great question too. I need to give it some thought.