Sunday, September 25, 2016


I am sure those of you who are on Facebook have seen these.  The test that finds your life quote. Many have shared their results, and have found the quote chosen for them could not be more perfect. I have to agree.

Over the years, I have experienced the hurt that comes with trying so hard to retain certain relationships, mostly friendships, only to find that I am the only one "trying".  With age comes wisdom, and I have to agree with the quote below. Those who cherish and value you as a person and friend will ALWAYS keep a place in their heart and lives for you.


Gina said...

I did the same thing on FB, too! Mine reinforced for me that I want to look for the positive in life, so it was a good reminder to me to keep it up! And I completely agree with your statement above - I have had to give up fighting for a place in my sister's life. Maybe someday she will come around, but until then, I don't have to torture myself wanting an adult friendship that she does not.

Winter party of Six said...

Oh my goodness. I found you from dixie delights. I love that quote. I actually cleaned out my friend closet.. Because I found I was making more effort and worrying about it. Now, I only have people in my life who want to be in my life, who are positive to me and my children. Great quote!!

Jen said...

I love this quote and its absolutely true. I sure wish I would have read it a few years ago it would have saved me from a lot of anxiety, worry and tears.
As I get older, I only want to be around friends who care about me as much as I care about them.
thanks for sharing