Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy 22nd Birthday!!

This year we celebrated many milestones with you, and couldn't be prouder.  You completed your degree in Communications/Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Graduated from college a semester early.  And, landed your first job as a professional.

Seems like just yesterday we were cheering you on at the ice rink as you landed your very first axle, and then cheered as you landed your very first back tuck as a cheerleader in high school.  The time went quickly, but each step of the way you gave it your all! 

You have proven to us that when you set your mind to it, you get the job done!  You have always faced life head on.  As your dad always likes to tell you..."if you are going to make a mistake, do it at full speed".

We love you and are so very proud of the young woman you have become!!!
Mom, Dad and Sissy

Stay tuned, next Tuesday I will begin a new series on my blog...


Michaela said...

Aww, happy birthday!! Hope she has a wonderful day (: I'm excited for your new series!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh what a sweet birthday post to your daughter! hope she has a truly wonderful birthday. are you baking her a cake?

Chic Coastal Living said...

She's beautiful just like her mama! Happy Birthday!

simply brookes: said...

she's a beauty. enjoy the big day.

Karena said...

Happy Birthday to one very special young lady!!

Art by Karena

Admin said...

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natasha {schue love} said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! :)

Maillardville Manor said...

Awe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) I hope it was a good one!!!
Congrats on all your accomplishments in your 21st year :)
Lots of Love
Ashli and Lee and Max too!

Bring Pretty Back said...

She is soooo PRETTY! This was such a special post. Thank you for sharing!
Have a pretty day!

Anne said...

I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday:)

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Hope your daughter's birthday was wonderful!! What a sweet birthday message you wrote.

{Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Happy birthday, pretty girl!