Friday, December 9, 2011

Teacher Gift #4 and More

I apologize for not getting #4 up yesterday.  I was once again experiencing some computer troubles.

Teacher Gift Idea #4-

I can't take credit for this one, as I saw it in a magazine years ago (not sure which one), but still love the idea.  And, once again it was a hit with the teachers.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the assembled gifts as most were given pre-digital, pre-blog era! (yes, I am dating myself)

This gift is very simple, but so fun!

What you will need:

A Six Pack of Coke (or any other soda, but needs to be glass bottles)

Okay, so now you are thinking..."that's it?, you are giving the teacher a six pack of Coca Cola for Christmas?"

Not really...

We are going to doctor it up!

First-remove three of the bottles
Second-drink the Coke from the three (not all at once, unless you are in desperate need of a caffeine fix!)

Wash the empty bottles out really well.

Return two of the empty bottles to the carton, leave one space empty.

Fill one of the empty bottles with Twizzlers (or any kind of stick candy small enough to fit), and fill the other with fresh flowers.

In the empty spot you can be creative-add a candy bar, a homemade treat (brownie, rice krispie treat, sugar coated nuts), a gift card.

Place a ribbon around the handle with a tag stating the teacher's name.

It's that simple.  Teachers love them...a great pick me up during those long days just prior to the holidays when their students are restless and ready for the break!  If you are a teacher, you know exactly what I mean.

And lastly, a few more ideas to get you thinking:

1) Gift card to the office supply store-teachers are always spending their own hard earned money for classroom items such as markers, paper and such.

2) Add a book to the classroom library.  This is a great idea for an entire class gift. Have each child bring one.  If your school has a book fair, this is a great way to give something to your teacher while also helping with a school fundraiser.

3) Movie tickets.  Place tickets in a cellophane bag along with some microwave popcorn and a box of "movie" candy, tie with a pretty bow.

4) An adaptation from a gift we give during the spring months, is to purchase a pot of Thyme, tie a ribbon with a gift tag around the pot with the words, "Thank You for Your Thyme and Patience".  In the spring we usually place Impatients in a pot with a packet of Thyme...the teachers laugh about the "impatients".  

5) Make a coaster for your teacher's desk using a simple white ceramic tile.  Take paint and have your child use their fingerprint to create a picture such as a Christmas Tree or turn a simple fingerprint into bugs (you can find tutorials for this online).  For instance, you would add wings, stripes and a stinger to make a bumble bee out of a yellow fingerprint.

6) Nice acrylic cups with lids and straws make great gifts.  Teachers always like to have a glass of water at arms reach.  You can fill it initially with a treat or candies when giving.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and find these ideas helpful. I always struggled with ideas this time of year.  Didn't want my child's teacher to end up with 20 lbs. of fruit cake!

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  I hope to share our Christmas decor with you on Monday!


Erin said...

Such a fun idea Lauren!! All of them! You are so creative. I love making fun gifts for teachers but this is one year I am going to have to simplify and just buy something easy! I need to mark these posts for when Kole is a little less maintenance. :) Thanks for sharing!

Gwen Edwards said...

As a teacher, I really appreciate all the thought you've put into this post. I'd be in tears to get gifts so sweet! Thanks for your comment on my Home Town post on Henning Love!

natasha {schue love} said...

Such a cute and candy always does the trick!

Elle Sees said...

such great ideas! glad i found your blog. If you'd like to win 5 shirts from Stylemint, please enter my giveaway!

Val said...

Such great holiday ideas.

Paula said...

I'm a teacher and of course I appreciate any gift I get but I have to say that I wish that some of my parents could read your list. You have some great ideas.