Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bittersweet Christmas~

The past month has been a whirlwind for us...Thanksgiving, followed by our oldest's graduation from college, to her starting her new job full time, to our youngest finishing her Senior year 1st semester and looking at colleges, to the anticipation of Christmas and celebrating with family and friends.

We had a very blessed Thanksgiving, we were so proud of our oldest as we watched her receive her college diploma, then watched as our youngest finished her 1st semester Senior year with honors and acceptance letters to 5 out of 6 colleges she has applied to (still waiting on the last one) and to have had a wonderful and Merry Christmas with our friends and family.

But with that came the bittersweet...our babies have now grown up and are starting lives all their own.  How did that happen???  Seems like just yesterday they needed us for EVERYTHING!  So it was a bit bittersweet for my hubby and proud, yet that little part of us deep down inside wanted to stop time, go back for just an instant, to when they were little and asking for baby dolls, and barbies. 

We are in longer parents of girls that need us for every little thing, who are now quite independent, and have minds all their own.  But yet, we still long for those few moments of "mom, how do I do this?" and "Dad, can you fix this for me"...and they still oblige on occassion.

It will take time to adjust...

We are so proud of the young women they have become and wouldn't trade it for anything, yet there is always a part of a parent that would love to hold onto their little girls and stop time.


Shannon said...

Reading this makes me feel like I'm reading my future. We have parrell lives, you're girls are just a little ahead of mine, but so many similarities. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy every moment of being needed as a mommy. You and you husband have much to proud of!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Both of your girls are so pretty. Great picture! Awww, I know it's hard knowing they will both be out of the house soon, but they'll still always need you. :) My sister and I are 29 and 30 and still call my mom for so many things. My sister calls all the time when something is going on with her children and needs my momm's advice. Since I've owned my first home, I have questions about that all the time! haha My mom, sister and I talk almost everyday, and we hung out talking for hours and sitting around in our pj's these past few days, and it was wonderful! Hope you continue to have these great moments with your girls too!!!

simply brookes: said...

i couldn't agree with you more. feel so much of the same you are. mine are a wee bit younger but not much. i know this will be me soon enough...but then again, i had empty nest syndrom when mine were toddlers. yes. so sappy, i am.
thanks for posting.

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Aw, don't worry... I'm 28 and married and live in a different city... but I still call my mom with questions and need her help! : ) Those girls will always need you, I promise. Happy new year, Lauren!

Anne said...

How proud you must be of these beautiful girls! I wish you a very Happy New Year:)