Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check, Check, Check~

Sorry I've been MIA!  One, I've been fighting a cold...my first in forever.  And two, I've been checking things off my to do list.

Basement Walls Installed
Trim Installed in Basement
Flooring Installed in Basement
Cabinets Installed in Craft/Work Room
Unfinished Area Cleaned, Sorted, Organized
Girls Keepsakes Sorted
Declutter Declutter Declutter
Set aside items for Neighborhood Yard Sale in October

Call 1-800-Got Junk  They are here and it feels sooooo good!

I cannot tell you how good it feels to have finally tackled the monster basement!  The painters will be here next week to paint the new walls and trim, then we have to install a few doors.  I will be so glad to have a clean space to then go through photos, the girls old school papers and such.  I have been putting it off because I didn't have a space that I could spread out in and take my time going through the stuff.

Have you been putting off tackling a huge, not so fun, project?


Shannon said...

Way to go! I'm treading water right now and not tackeling any big projects till Nov. I'll get a little break from coaching two volleyball teams then. Just trying to keep it all together for the moment. It must feel good to check off your list.

navy and orange said...

I love making to do lists just to check things off. great work!

xoxo navy & orange

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Nice, love that you're getting stuff done :) It's a great feeling. The last week or so I've been on a major nesting period and have been cleaning out all sorts of stuff, mainly the "kids" rooms :)

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Oh, it feels so good to check things off the list. I have a huge painting project I am committed to and haven't even started. Oh boy! And your 9/11 post was so very touching.

natasha {schue love} said...

Look at you go! I love checking things off a list...it's a great feeling of accomplishment! :)

Maillardville Manor said...

Way to go!! I hope you're feeling better!! :)
Can't wait to see the progress
Lots of Love

Kara {A Little Bit of Lovely} said...

How are you feeling? I hope you are feeling better!!!

Isn't crossing things off a to-do list just the best feeling? I can't believe how much you have accomplished with the basement. I have been "trying" to tackle putting together a gallery wall in our family room, but you know how that goes with 2 little ones always at your feet :)