Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taking a break~

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  School is finally out for summer, couldn't have come soon enough!! 

We will be heading out tomorrow for some much needed R&R.  Our youngest is off to Beach Camp with the youth of our church.  Living Dangerously (that's the theme).  And, they are TOTALLY UNPLUGGED for the week (no electronics-no cell phones, no ipods, no ipads, no facebook).  She is sooo excited to just be and have fun!!  And, she and a few others have put together a MEAN beach volleyball team.

Hubby and I are off to tour Savannah for a few days.  I've lived in Atlanta for 30+ years and have yet to visit!!  Will have plenty of pictures to share upon our return.

Have a great week everyone!! (and hopefully Blogger will have fixed the commenting problem by the time I return)


Judy said...

you will LOVE Savannah, the most beautiful city in the world (IMHO)! We just got in from the lake and got lots of sun but we had so much fun with all my "tots" and "tatertots" plus my sister and her family.

Can't wait to see all your pics.


Karena said...

Lauren have a wonderful getaway. I have always wanted to visit Savannah so will look forward to the pics!

New very Exciting Giveaway will be up on the 1st!

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emily said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful trip!

Jennifer said...

Have a great trip :)

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

enjoy your time!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time! Enjoy your break.