Monday, December 27, 2010

Unexpected Christmas Present~

Guess what WE got for Christmas????  Anybody????

Yup, the very 1st White Christmas in Georgia since 1800-something!  It was beautiful.  We spent Christmas Eve going to church, then eating with my folks and the girls' respective boyfriends.  It was a lot of fun!  Christmas Day found us sleeping in (thank goodness for teen/college age daughters!), opening presents, and eating a pancake lunch (I told ya we slept in!!)  We headed out to my brother and sil's late in the afternoon.  It had just started to snow.  By the time we reached their house (30 minutes to the West) it was really coming down.  His property is gorgeous...3+ acres on a lake with lots of deer (got to see the new babies too)...looked like a postcard!!  We stayed there until around 6, then headed home as we had a dessert party to attend at a dear friends' home.  OMG...I so need to go on a diet now!! YUM!!!

Our oldest took her new puppy out to play in the snow for the 1st time!  He loved it!!  Kylee likes it too, athough she is so low to the ground that it sticks to her little legs (she's a Cairn Terrier).  The big guys preferred to stay indoors (smart, if you ask me!) 

Today was kinda quiet...the oldest headed back to her place with all her goodies, and the youngest is watching a movie with her beau.  Hubby is watching the football game.  Me, I'm in that inbetween stage-not ready for Christmas to be over, looking forward to the New Year, but not looking forward to packing all this stuff up!! LOL

New Year's Resolution-(don't hold me to it, but if I put it out in public maybe I'll actually stick to it???!!!)  SIMPLIFY!!!  In all areas.  Things that have happened in recent weeks have lead me to realize that "things" don't matter, people do.  I want less stuff, and more time with those I love.  So, I figure if I simplify our home then I'll have more time for the things I love and really want to do (spending time with family, friends and diying/crafting).  We started by simplifying our was a NEEDS year versus a WANTS year.  And, everyone was happy!!!

Looking forward to spending the New Year with all of you!!


Michelle @ Ten June said...

YAY for Georgia snow!! :) My hubby's got the Falcons game on too... come on, Dirty Birds! They need to rise up!!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

How fun!!! Glad you guys had a great day!!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

So envious of the snow!!! how fun. I am completely with you on less stuff . . more time for relationships. I love to simplify. Maybe we can keep each other in check. Have a wonderful day.

Erin said...

How wonderful!! Such fun! Nothing like a white Christmas. What a fun unexpected gift!

Michaela said...

Yes! Less stuff and more time with loved ones. Thank you for the reminder! So glad your family had a wonderful day (: And a white Christmas, at that!