Monday, June 4, 2012

Grad Party-Texas Style!

What??? We're not from Texas...

No, but our daughter will be spending at least the next four years plus (as she plans to pursue her Master's degree) in the great state of Texas.

So, what a better way to celebrate than to host a Tex Mex graduation party?

The weather could not have been MORE perfect!   Beautiful sunny skies, upper 70s-low 80s (by party's end), a light breeze and NO humidity.  Georgia in June??? That RARELY happens.  God was smiling down on her on Saturday that is for sure.

We held an Open House from 3-6, and the door was constantly opening and closing.  She had a wonderful time celebrating all her accomplishments with family and friends, a lot of whom have known her and gone to school with her since preschool/kindergarten.  It was also a great opportunity to see them all one last time before everyone's summer gets busy and they scatter next fall to many different universities and states alike!

The menu:
Taco Bar-Beef Tacos and Chicken Fajitas
The Fixin's: Lettuce, Cheese, Sour Cream, Black Olives, Jalapenos, Cilantro, Guacamole, Sauce (Mild, Medium and HOT)
Chips and SALSA, SALSA, SALSA!!!
Queso and Chili Cheese dip (YUM)
Black Eyed Pea Salsa
Carolina Caviar
And, a party would not be complete without dessert...Chocolate Fountain and Candy Bar!

So, without futher ado...the pictures!

Some recent photos of the graduate, a book for friends and family to leave Words of Wisdom for her, and a place to set cards and gifts.

Proudly displaying the flag!

Sporting the school's colors already!  Love those green skinny jeans!! (yes, mom needs to hurry up and figure out how to edit pics soon...sorry for the poor quality on this one, she took all the others!)
The spread!

We used sand pails purchased at Michael's for a $1 each to hold the various kinds of chips. It worked perfectly...even came with their own scoop (aka the shovel).  The little metal buckets holding the forks was purchased at Target, gotta love those $1 bins!!

Queso and Chili Cheese dip!

Thank goodness for friends with crock pots!

Mild, Medium or HOT???

Dessert anyone?

Candy Bar Baylor Style!!

As most of you know, our daughter played volleyball and coached.  We hung her old jerseys in the basement, along with pictures from each season for her friends to enjoy.  It was a lot of fun looking back at how much the girls on the teams have changed over the years.  Many of whom she is still very close to.

And, our daughter put together a 30 minute video for everyone to watch (she is much more computer savvy than either mom or dad), starting with the week we brought her home and ending with graduation.  Let's just say...her father and I are so thankful we watched it for the first time PRIOR to her party.  Let's just doesn't wear waterproof mascara and her daddy didn't fair much better!  It really was beautiful.

She is off to the beach with 200 from the church for relaxtion, time spent in God's word, soaking up the sun and playing a little sand volleyball (she stacked her team prior to leaving...she hates to lose). The perfect ending to a long school career thus far.  


Katie said...

the party looks wonderful!! my favorite part is the candy bar. : ) and how neat that she made a video!! great pictures!!

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

What a fabulous party!! The food looked amazing! Definitely Texas style... Still so happy for her! I hope you are doing well!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Yea! Looks like a wonderful party...and the decor and displays were all so festive and fun! Love the buckets for chips...brilliant! May have to steal that one for our party Saturday night...too cute!
Congrats to your daughter and to you for surviving! :)

Lisa @ Before Meets After said...

The party looked fabulous! I love he candy bar in Baylor colors! You did an amazing job and I know your daughter will forever cherish that memory. Make sure you wear the waterproof mascara the day you move her to college too! My mom cried and cried and so did I!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Lauren, everything looks fantastic!! Such special touches everywhere. You did great! So excited your daughter will be coming to Texas for college. I hope she loves it here! And of course if you ever have any questions or want to know things to do in different Texas cities when y'all come visit, let me know! :)

{Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Yee-haw!!! You did a great looks so fun and just delicious!! I know you're so proud. thank you for sharing with us!! xo

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Now I'm craving something sweet! Yum, everything looks so good. What an exciting time for your family. Love the idea of a video, I wouldn't have been able to take it. :)

Michaela said...

What a great party!! Her green skinny's are adorable. I need a pair to rep the school for Colin hehe. Kate is such a wonderful girl...I can just tell :) I hope our families get to meet sometime soon in Texas!

Maillardville Manor said...

Woo Hooo!!! That looks like a great party . . . ye haw!!!! LoVE It!!!

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Such a fun party Lauren- everything looked great! I'm really looking forward to y'all coming to Texas- we need to meet up!

Allison said...

What a great party Lauren and a wonderful celebration. A yummy menu. How fun the chocolate fountain is. I always find myself heading to those first. I love chocolate! Lovely photo of your beautiful daughter! My husband went to Baylor.

emily said...

What a great party and such a neat idea for the Tex Mex. I went to college right up the road from Baylor. She will love it there! Glad to have her in the wonderful state of Texas!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Wow, you did an incredible job with this! Sounds like such a fun party, and a great way to celebrate her accomplishments. Congratulations to the new Baylor student!

Leslie said...

Congratulations to your daughter! How exciting to enter into a new chapter of life. One of my kids is finished with college and the other is working on her Masters in Accounting $$$$. It's such a long process! Your party looks wonderful with an amazing Tex Mex spread. Love the desserts too!


Rhiannon said...

Oh my gosh what an amazing party! Everything looks so perfect and sweet :) Congrats to the beautiful guest of honor, too!

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

What a wonderful party! All of a sudden, I want tacos for dinner. :) Well done, Lauren!!

Simple Dwellings said...

Wow- what a beautiful post! You must be so proud. The food looked delicious and the way you presented it was beautiful. Looked like a wonderful time!

Bette said...

What a great party!! My daughter is graduating grade 8 this year and going to highschool in the Fall and I am already crying. They grow up so fast.

Brandi said...

You did such a wonderful job with the party! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! Congratulations to your daughter!!!