Monday, August 8, 2011

They Grow Up Fast~

Senior Year 2011-2012

Not sure where the time went.  Our youngest left this morning bright and early.  Well, a bit earlier than she really needed to as she was meeting friends for Chick-Fil-A prior to heading to the high school to start her Senior Year.  It's all about priorities when you're a Senior! LOL

She is looking forward to a great year, hopefully healthier than last.  Only two migraines all summer! Yeah!! We are so proud of her.  Three years of being a Scholar Athlete, Honor Roll Student, and now a Captain on the Varsity volleyball team.  What's not to be proud of?

So, while it is awfully quiet at the home front today...knowing she is out there taking the world by a storm is very reassuring.

Big sis starts her Senior year in college next week.

Good news, my third baby girl is only 2!!!


Karena said...

Your daughter is such a doll, so pretty. The time does fly by!!

Mine are now grown, however I have Miss Belle who is a five year old Himalayan and of course my precious grandchildren!!


Art by Karena

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Sounds like you have so much to be proud of!

emily said...

She is so pretty! Sounds like she has a great year ahead of her!

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful! What a fun year she had ahead of her :) My oldest is starting 6th grade - the time does go by fast.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

She has such a pretty smile! I bet this is an exciting and bittersweet time for both of you. :)

Michaela said...

Aw, she's so beautiful! Hope she has a wonderful year (: My brother is her my mom is going through the same thing! Last one in high school is a toughie!

Jami Nato said...

wait, what? rude how they grow up.

Shannon said...

She's beautiful! You did good mom, scholar/athlete and a leader. I'm proud of her too and I've never met her! I teared up reading your post because I'm just a few years behind you with my two girls. Good thing you have your baby to keep you busy.

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

Such a pretty girl! So glad you have your pup with you- they are family too, right?!