Thursday, March 3, 2011

It started with a chair, then another...

Well, then another and another get the picture!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we have been busy playing musical furniture in our home! 

It started something like this,
Our girls, "those chairs you and dad bought for the TV room aren't comfortable for watching TV in!"
Me, "your father planned it that way."
Girls, "why?"
Their dad, "wouldn't want y'all getting too comfortable with your beaus while watching a movie!!"
Girls, "perfectly syncronized eye rolls!!" LOL

So, we had a loveseat in our study downstairs.  Quite a comfy loveseat I might add.  We never sat on it!  We moved it upstairs to the TV room, and brought the seagrass chairs downstairs to use in the library.  Well, the library already had two chairs!  One will be going to our daughter's apartment, the other??? Not sure yet. 

Okay, so you say...problem solved?!  Not really...we had a coffee table I absolutely loved in the study with the loveseat.  Well, you don't need a coffee table without a sofa /loveseat to go with.  I didn't want to part with it.  It found a new home in our family room.  Yes, I know what you are thinking...don't you already have a coffee table in your family room.  Why yes, we do, did.  It too will be going to above mentioned daughter's apartment. 

But wait, the not so new coffee table from the study now doesn't match our sofa table (one dark, one light stain).  What to do?  Why move old console table to wall that was in desperate need of something in the TV room upstairs and purchase a new one for the family room.  Done...well....not exactly.

You see after moving the seagrass chairs to the living room, I was REALLY loving the new look.  And, after painting my Granny's chest and lightening that up, I REALLY wanted to change the chairs in the dining room.  Okay, no biggie...I've painted them before, I'll paint 'em again. NOT!!  The paint was not taking, I sanded, and sanded and primed, and primed, and tried painting them but it just wasn't happening. 

I should mention said dining chairs are 20+ years old and have seen several cosmetic changes (in the form of fabrics on seat cushions and then paint several years back).  So, we decided they would go.  I took the 4 good ones to consignment along with two other side chairs that didn't really fit with our new style, and went and bought new ones!  I should tell you at this time, that my hubby came with a house full of furniture when we got married (I however, did not) so I was happy to get the dining room I've wanted after soon to be 23 years of wedded bliss!

Okay, enough talk.  Here's the befores of our dining room.

close up of painted chairs

Here's a glimpse of the seagrass chairs that started it all (I am still tweaking the library, so you only get a peek!).

And, the dining room with new seagrass dining chairs, new artwork above small bar, new chunky mirror, and new lamps. 

we purchased a new mirror to match our buffet console and new lamps
purchased a frame with burlap mat (PB) and added a blown up copy of our wedding invitation for new art

I still need to add a few more accessories (I ordered new burlap chandelier shades, but they haven't arrived yet, so don't mind the bare bulbs) and would love some live plants in the corners by the windows, but have to be careful choosing as Kylee might get into them.  Don't want to poison the dog...

I hope to be able to share updated pics of the TV room and library next week.  We are still rearranging!


Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love the chairs! They look so darn good. I love the texture that they bring. YAY!!!!

Michaela said...

Looks wonderful, Lauren! So great. I agree with Court, adds lots of texture!!

Anonymous said...


I have that problem when I get in the mood to rearrange and then the hubby says, no more furniture. Good thing I have a booth :) I love the addition of the sea grass chairs. Your dining room is very inviting! I think you made a good choice! xx

Decorchick! said...

Ohhh so pretty Lauren!! Is that big chair the PB seagrass chair?? I want that and the ottoman SO bad! Love the new dining--gorgeous!

Brittany said...

I Loooove those chairs! Your dining room looks awesome!

emily said...

Love those new chairs! All of the changes look fabulous! And is that a big bucket of corks?

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your new chairs are awesome Lauren, great choice! The whole room is beautiful!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Great space! The chairs add so much depth. How big is the dining room? It appears that you have a lot of space.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Megan {Honey We're Home} said...

The musical chairs was a success! I love those chairs in your dining room- looks fresh for spring!!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

So gorgeous, I love me some Pottery Barn!!! That wingback seagrass chair is just so amazing...I would design an entire space around it, too! (c: