Friday, October 29, 2010

Inexpensive Wall Art~

We recently painted our girls' bathroom.  The bathroom had been a bubblegum pink color.  The original idea (or the girls') was to make it look like Juicy Couture (the chocolate and pink with the cute little logos).  Well, that never happened!  And, the pink was so bright we had to put a dimmer on the light.  Pink is not a good color for a bathroom...the girls had the hardest time with makeup application due to the hue it would cast on their faces while applying!  Who knew?????

Anyhow, I am still adding the finishing touches to the bath since it received it's new pretty blue wall color (Jamestown Blue, Pottery Barn).  We love it with the rich chocolate cabinets the girls have.  I was at a loss for art however.  Couldn't find anything with the right colors.  Then when in JoAnn's one day I stumbled upon some scrapbook paper I loved, and the perfect colors too.  I found some great 12X12 frames on sale at Michaels.  One piece I left as is, I liked the bold graphic design.  Then I found the stripe. I cut out the letter J (for our last  name) from another piece of the graphic scrapbook paper and glued it to the striped one. Instant ART!!

When I get all the finishing touches in place, I'll reveal the whole room (what there is of it, it is quite small actually).


Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Oooh. I have been wondering about that color from pottery barn for our little man. I love it. And I am a huge fan of the scrapbook paper. I especially like the flower print. Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Rhonda said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for stopping by! Love the wall art!!

Cindy said...

Hi Lauren,
Your wall art looks beautiful!
Hugs, Cindy