Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Magnetic Primer

Okay...first I will say, I am NOT a  happy camper! Second, when my daughter hears the news...she will NOT be a happy camper! 
We decided in  her new room that one wall was going to have magnetic primer applied to it, and then top coated with chalkboard paint.  This would allow her to hang pics of friends, school memos, as well as allow her to write reminders (homework, practice times, etc). 
Enter painters...we had purchased the primer and chalkboard paint (both Rustoleum), read the directions, and then explained them to our painters.  Painters followed said directions (those on the box and can).  Short version:  Magnetic primer needs to be STIRRED, before and during application to avoid the magnetic particles settling on the bottom) and is best applied in 3 light coats, rather than 2 heavy.  Then you can topcoat.  So, that is what they did.  Topcoating with 3 coats of the chalkboard paint.  The chalkboard paint needs to cure for 3 days, then you prep it by rubbing chalk all over and erasing (like any chalkboard).  Okay, so the painters painted it on Monday...I allowed it to dry all of yesterday before testing it out.  The magnets just FALL off the wall!!! What?  How can this be???
Hubby wants to blame the painters...I say...I'm calling Rustoleum!!!
Here is what I learned and their response...
The paint needs to be constantly stirred during the application process, CHECK!
It needs to be applied in light coats (preferably 3, according to said directions) CHECK!
You need to test it for strength, PRIOR to topcoating as it may take more than said 3 coats because it does have a tendancy to lose it's strength once said topcoat is applied...
WHAT?????????? In small print, on can, not states, topcoating with more than 2 coats may effect the magnetic properties.  Well, the primer is almost black...and it does not say you cannot topcoat with chalkboard paint (which needs 2-3 coats).
I thought it was odd that I wasn't on the phone 2 seconds explaining the situation and the representative was already offering me a full refund if I had a receipt for the purchase.  Ummm..."think this has happened to others?"  Maybe the company should "think" about adding this info more CLEARLY to the directions???
The bad daughter's NOT going to be a happy camper.  The good news, at least the company is willing to issue us a full refund.  Did I mention...that stuff is NOT CHEAP?  Magnetic Primer-$20 a QUART, Chalkboard Paint-$9.98 a QUART.
IF we wanted to try and make it work, it would require bringing my painters back in (at our expense), lightly sanding the wall, then applying however many coats of the magnetic primer to get it SUPER strength so that when they then applied MORE chalkboard paint it would hold...ummmm, NO!
So, sorry this is long...but buyer beware!


Brittany said...

Oh my! Live and learn, I guess. I'm glad they at least gave you a refund! A magnetic chalkboard wall really would have been a great idea, if the paint had worked right :) Hope it all works out for you!

Kirsty said...

Bummer! I'm not surprised though! We have magnetic paint in our house with only one coat of normal paint over the top and it's pretty weak. It's good but don't expect it to be strong!

Rhonda said...

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - have a great evening!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Yep. That magnetic paint is crap. One expensive can of crap. I wish I had called to get my money back.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Oh bummer! I heard about that stuff not working.