Friday, May 13, 2016

Gluten Free Bang Bang Shrimp~It's What's for Dinner

Well, hello!  It's been awhile.  My hubby, youngest daughter and I made a last minute trip to Michigan to visit his mom last week.  She will be 98 in August!!!  I had barely recovered from our trip to Los Cabos (which I still need to blog about), before we were heading out the door again.

I am also preparing to teach VBS in June, and tending to the usual yard work that spring brings!!

But, I wanted to pop in and share this recipe we made last night.  It was so good.  It is gluten free and dairy free.  Important as our youngest is on a special diet for the next 30 days while we await some test results.

Hope you enjoy...

Gluten Free Bang Bang Shrimp (Copycat Bonefish Grill Recipe)
Original recipe can be found here.


Canola oil for frying

For the shrimp
1 lb medium sized shrimp, de-veined and tails removed (we left them on)
3 TBS cornstarch
1/4 C coconut milk (or other dairy free milk, or dairy milk)
1 C gluten free breadcrumbs
1 tsp dried parsley
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

For the Bang Bang Sauce
1/4 C mayo
2 TBS sweet chili sauce (we used Trader Joes)
pinch cayenne pepper
1 1/2 tsp rice vinegar
green onions, for garnish (we omitted as our daughter cannot eat them)


For the shrimp
1. Mix the gluten free bread crumbs, parsley, and cayenne together and season generously with salt and pepper.
2. Generously season the cornstarch with salt and pepper and toss the shrimp in it.
3. Dip each shrimp into the coconut (or other) milk and then immediately dip in the breadcrumbs to coat.
4. Set aside on a clean surface (we used a baking sheet lined with parchment paper) until ready to fry.
5. Heat several inches of oil to 350*F, while monitoring closely.
6. Fry the shrimp until golden brown, working in small batches. Remove to a plate lined with paper towels to cool.
7. Approx. 5 minutes for each batch.  I put 2-5 shrimp in each batch to be careful to not overcrowd my dutch oven.
8. For best results let the oil regain a little heat for a moment in between batches.
***note-step 6 & 7 & 8 are from original recipe, we fried all at once in a large staub dutch oven with no problems.
9. To serve toss the finished shrimp with the sauce, or drizzle it over the top of them. Garnish with green onions.  (we used the sauce to dip the shrimp in)

For the bang bang sauce
1. Mix all the ingredients together.

We served with brown rice and green beans.


Preppy Empty Nester said...

Just sent your link to my #1 who loves shrimp and is starting to get into cooking. Hope you are having a good weekend, dear Lauren!

Beaufort Belle said...

That sounds oh so yummy! Next big shopping trip, I'm picking up some shrimp and trying this! I know y'all love spicy, exactly how spicy is this??

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

My mom would love this. She could eat shrimp every single day and never tire of it. And chicken livers...she could eat them every day too, but just the thought of that makes me cringe. Lol! Thanks for sharing! So what's your mom's secret to a long life like that? How wonderful that she'll be 98 soon!

Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Hope you had a great visit with your mom. Love Bonefish and their bang-bang shrimp, so I will definitely be giving this one a try. Always love your recipes!

Unknown said...

Seriously you make some of the best dishes for dinner. I love this dish and the copycat version doesn't seem like it disappoints!