Monday, November 12, 2012

Paying it Forward~

It is a proud day when you watch your child take a former passion of theirs, and turn it into a reality for the next generation.

When our oldest daughter was in middle and high school, she cheered on both a spirit squad and a competition squad.   She loved being on the sidelines, cheering at football and basketball games (it didn't hurt that her high school boy's team won three consecutive state titles), and loved performing at competitions.

She was truly passionate about cheerleading.  As her parents, we knew just like when she was little, there were always younger impressionable girls in the stands watching her every move.  She was their idol, their hero, they wanted to be just like her someday.

I found this poem years ago and shared it with her.  It stuck. She realized the magnitude of her actions and the affect it would have on those young impressionable eyes.

Little Eyes Upon You

There are little eyes upon you
and they're watching night and day.
Take in every word you say.
There are little hands all eager
to do anything you do;;
And a little girl who's dreaming
of the day she'll be like you.

You're the little angel's idol,
you're the wisest of the wise.
In her little mind about you
no suspicions ever rise.
She believes in you devoutly,
holds all you say and do;
She will say and do, in your way
when she's grown up just like you.

There's a wide-eyed little girl
who believes you're always right;
and her eyes are always opened, 
and she watches day and night.
You are setting an example
every day in all you do;
For the little girl who's waiting
to grow up to be like you.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of watching our oldest daughter coach her Minor Competition Squad in their final competition of the season.  They took 1st place 3 times, grand champion twice and won the choreography award this time.  The love those girls had for her and the head coach was evident in their smiles and hugs a million!  We are so very proud of her for not only setting a wonderful example to those who watched her cheer through middle and high school, but for those she had the pleasure of coaching this year.

We always told our girls, at some point you need to pay it forward.  Both have.  Both have used their passion for volleyball and cheerleading and have been wonderful role models for young girls. 

We couldn't be more proud to be their parents.


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

What a beautiful post! Yay for your daughter and her little cheering squad. What amazing accomplishments!!

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

How sweet! Love this post! and your daughter is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

We need positive roll models like your daughter to coach the next generation. There is nothing I can think of that is as rewarding as coaching. You give so much, but the payback is priceless. Good job!

Unknown said...

That is the greatest thing you can ask for!! I am sure you are brimming with pride.

Maria Elena said...

Beautiful post! It is such a great moment watching our children do well in their lives!

Leslie said...


This is just wonderful and you must be so proud. My daughter following a very similar path. First she was a gymnast.. then she went into dance, then competitive cheer (so expensive to do all that traveling!) and finally she became captain of her HS cheer team. Now.. she is an NFL cheerleader (Seattle Seahawks) and is also in her senior year at the University of WA (studying accounting). It's been an amazing journey and SO worth it. Most people don't realize how much goodness/philanthropy these women bring to the "game" .. it's a wonderful experience. Here are a few picks Hopefully this will work. Alexa is on the end in the first picture and also in #3,4,7,8, and 9 etc.. If this link doesn't work you can try (week 9)


Allison said...

This is a beautiful post Lauren. You must be so proud of your daughter. You have done a wonderful job raising your girls. They seem like they are very down to earth and delightful young women.

Katie said...

your daughter is beautiful! you should sure me proud!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

such a pretty girl lauren...inside and out.